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Business Coaching

For many people in business time, or the lack of it can be a real issue. They spend valuable time working ON not IN their business. Quality time should be spend ON the business to ensure the best chance of success.

Coaching can help business owners to:

  • plan sales and marketing strategies
  • identify ways to improve staff performance
  • improve time management strategies
  • ensure a work life balance is maintained

The client will, during the course of coaching sessions, take an overview of their business to regain control, improve performance and identify key strengths and weaknesses. 

I provide coaching and consultancy services to new and expanding businesses in the following  areas;

Setting up your business & getting going.

Thinking of setting up a business?  Got more than one idea, not sure where to start, so many decisions to make, coaching can bring clarity to your ideas and business venture as you make clear plans and develop your business ideas.

Your primary aim - where are you heading long term?

Why are you setting up a business or expanding the one you have.  What is your primary aim?  Will your actions take you to where you want to be in the long term?

Developing your business, sales and marketing plans

Business, Sales and Marketing Plans - never forget the important basics.

Business, sales and marketing plans are goals for which you work towards specific to your business and which should be living instruments, i.e. reviewed and updated regularly to reflect a business as it develops and grows.


  • Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation
  • Management strategy - managers that get results
  • People strategy - do you employ a diverse workforce?  Are they performing to the best of their potential?  What problems are they facing and if resolved can it impact upon and improve your sales and marketing figures?
  • Marketing strategy - how will you market your business?  What is your USP?  Do you know who and where your competitors are?  Why would a potential use your products and services and not your competitors?  What products and services do they offer?
  • System strategy - do you have effective systems in place?
  • Business Diagnostics - are you keeping track of things?
  • Sales - what are your prospect to sales conversion rates?

Customer Focus-

  • Do you survey your customer base past and present?  Are are you delivering a product range and service that meets the needs and requirements of your customers or are they expect to fit around your product base?
  • Are your customers rewarded for coming back to you again and again?

You and your Business

  • Work Life Balance - are you getting it right?  Do you work on your business or in it?
  • Time management or self management, keep on track.

The Exit Strategy

  • Are you setting up a business to work in or one which you intend to sell as a going concern at some point in the future?  Do you have clear 1, 3 and 5 year business goals?  Are they specific?
  • What happens when its time to move on?  Have you created a viable business to sell?  Or is your business nothing without you?

Please contact us for further information on our Coaching programmes for Sole traders and Business Owners.

Coaching generally booked in blocks of 6, 9 or 12 sessions so that you can get the optimum benefit from our services, individual one off sessions are available on request.

Special discounted rates for new Start Up Businesses receiving BusinessLink support.

Recommended products

I purchased the following product by Andy Feuhl and can personally recommend it.  If you are thinking about leaving your job and setting up a business or looking to improve your business this product is great.  Worth every penny.

Wealth Without a JobThe author of this system, Andy Fuehl, was downsized and unemployed after devoting over 15 years to corporate America. Yet, he became a Millionaire in Less than THREE years as a result of using the accelerated subconscious reprogramming technology and specific strategies, behaviors, and beliefs of the ultra-wealthy that you'll be using in this system.