Choose to work with Newcastle Performance Coaching if you want to generate more leads, make more sales and increase your profits

Coaching can help you, to move from where you are now in to where you want to be and as a coach I aid you to do this more quickly and efficiently than if you acted alone.

There are clues which may help you identify whether you need coaching, for example;

  • realising you spend much of your time helping others, pleasing others and not doing things that you truly enjoy
  • life is stifling
  • you feel you have no choices
  • you feel at a crossroads in your life / career and dont know which path to take
  • you want a new purpose
  • you want to feel in control
  • you want more fulfilling relationships
  • you want to increase your confidence
  • you spend time focusing on what you do not want
  • Do you want to change your life?
  • Are you lacking in focus and direction?

Newcastle Performance Coaching resources are available to:

  • Corporate organisations
  • Business Owners
  • Personal clients

Newcastle Performance Coaching covers a full range of topics including:

  • leadership coaching
  • management coaching
  • team coaching
  • work / life balance coaching
  • time management coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • retirement coaching
  • wellbeing coaching
  • confidence coaching

As a Personal, Corporate and Small Business Performance coach I can work with you and your business to identify and reach your goals / targets.  In our sessions we start straight away setting a goal / identifying a clear vision for you or your business.  Maybe you already know what your goal is but need our help to get there.

From the outset we work on a short term goal, just imagine where you would like to be in 3-6 months time, think about how wonderful your life / business could be, how would you feel reaching goal and making those dreams a reality, what would you look like, what will you be doing, who will you be with?  The goal we work on should be taking you towards your 5 year plan.

At the end of each session we set some action steps to get you closer to the goal you have set and are moving towards.  Soon you will be ready to set some bigger more adventurous goals to work on, knowing how well you did achieving the short term goal will give you the burning desire and confidence to take on something much bigger. 

Dont be fooled though, this is not easy but just think how you will feel knowing that your dream will be a reality.

Contact us now to arrange your first Performance Coaching session just send email to  YOU have the tools to change your life.  Get in touch.  We'll get straight down to setting you some amazing goals.  What you waiting for???  

YOU must be committed to changing your life / business for the better to truly benefit from coaching.  WE will do everything we can to help support, guide and assist you every step of the way.