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Business Coaching


One-to-One coaching sessions.


Results are guaranteed provided the coachee has completed the action steps between sessions that he / she identifies during coaching sessions and agrees to undertake.

The majority of the coaching we offer you takes place over the telephone.  The client will contact Newcastle Performance Coaching by telephone at an agreed time for the coaching session. 

Pay Monthly Coaching Package

First month £395 ...Thereafter £295 per month

4 hours of coaching in total.

Payable by standing order or with PayPal

Choose face to face or telephone 1:1 sessions.

Add a Personal Development Passport for only £99 per month.


Investment rates


3 months coaching - 12 coaching hours

6 months coaching - 24 coaching hours

Payable by standing order or with PayPal

Choose face to face or telephone 1:1 sessions.

Add a Personal Development Passport for only £99 per month.



Add a Personal Development Workshop Passport 

Attend our Personal Development workshops.

Priority booking to our Personal Development group sessions.

Attend as many sessions as you like to (subject to available places) 

Maximize your learnings.

Increased support from fellow delegates as well as coaches.

Workshops are relaxed informal and interactive.

Refreshments and materials provided.

Workshops include; goal setting, values and beliefs, confidence, relationships, spirituality, Law of Attraction, communication, stress management and more.

Passports run from first to last day of the month inclusive.

Sessions are led by a Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited coaches or one of our associates. 





Join Newcastle Performance Coaching as a new client for our Business Coaching services before the end of October 2014 and to quality for FREE coaching.

Invest in 3 months business coaching to receive the 4th months coaching for FREE.

Book 6 months business coaching and get months 7th and 8th for FREE.

(New clients only - quote this offer at the time of booking, details on request)

It can be hard work starting up and growing your business and you need to be able to nurture your business every step of the way.If you are not careful, you could end up working very long days whilst you try to keep all the areas of your business in good working order. Perhaps you are making good money… but do not get enough time to enjoy it.Work with Newcastle Performance Coaching to make positive change to your business and do whatever is necessary to get to the next level of success. Business Coaching will help you to make the kind of changes you need to make, and things can improve once you have learned how to create and implement systems in your. Having employees or virtual team members creates challenges, too. Work with Newcastle Performance Coaching as you grow your business while minimizing the workload and freeing up more time to do the things you enjoy.