Choose to work with Newcastle Performance Coaching if you want to generate more leads, make more sales and increase your profits

If you are interested in  Coaching for yourself or your business Business you are in the right place.  Based in Newcastle upon Tyne I can provide face to face coaching , worldwide there are teleclasses and telephone coaching available. Thank you for visiting the Website of Newcastle Performance Coaching. 

About Newcastle Performance Coaching

The founder of Newcastle Performance Coaching is Aly Sproat (aka the Geordie Coach). 

Aly has over 20 years experience working in the Public Sector, and has a particular interest in Equality and Diversity, communication and conflict, time management and work life balance coaching.

Aly is a New Insights Coach.  She has also been professionally trained by the Coaching Academy in the following coaching areas;

  • Personal Performance / Life Coaching
  • Corporate and Executive
  • Small Business
  • Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Youth Coaching
  • Parenting Coaching
  • Mind Mapping and Goal Mapping 

Aly is a Licensed Trainer for The Coaching Academy and a NLP Practitioner.

The comprehensive range of services offered includesworkshops, seminars, evening classes and gives you a completeproduct range to meet your requirements. You can rest assured that our serice is totally confidential and very discrete, no-one will hear from us our client list.

Coaching will help you (or your business) to move from where you are now to where you want to be more quickly and effectively that if you worked alone.  Simply, it is a goal centred forward moving process which maximises your potential so that you will perform at your best.

The questioning skills used enable you to have a clear picture of the outcome you desire, firstly to identify what is going right for you at present and then look to see what barriers are in the your way of your goal and the most effective and sustainable ways to move forward.  Before making an enquiry you must be aware that you will be expected to be committed to change and be willing to maximise your potential.  Our comprehensive range of coaching services which are specifically created to meet the your needs.


There are a lot of products on the market which claim to aid you be successful and reach your goals. Newcastle Performance Coaching have their own range of products. You will also see products of other successful coaches promoted on this website. I only promote other peoples products that I have purchased (at my own expense) and personally recommend.

For example, Peter Thompson (below) who is the best selling UK coach on the Nightingale Conant product range. Notwithout good reason. I have purchased several of Peters products, have attended an exclusive seminar at which he spoke, and subscribe to his 'achievers edge' monthly audio range and weekly newsletters.

Where to start

You may not have any experience of coaching or perhaps you would like to know more.You may wish to purchase one of our Ebooks, download a coaching session, or E-workshop.

An introductory coaching session is offered to you at only £75 followed by a free consultation. At the end of the session you will not be subjected to any hard sell, you will be asked if you would like to have more coach sessions. If not, that is fine. If you chose to sign up for a course of six or more coaching sessions you will be entitled to a discount on our standard coaching investment rates.

If you would like see / hear a workshop then they will be available for download very soon.  The following workshops will be available to you;

  1. 'Seven Steps to Understanding Personal Coaching' workshop.
  2. 'Seven Steps to Understanding Business Coaching' workshop.
  3. Maximise your Personal Potential
  4. Maximise your Business Potential
  5. Coaching you.

I am a Coaching Academy's Licensed Trainer and coach and you can instruct me with confidence as to my training and coaching abilities.

The workshops will give you the opportunity to experience coaching for yourself for only a small financial investment.


The 'Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching' Workshops

The workshop is great value and retails at only £99 per person for a full day workshop including lunch.  However by downloading the E-workshop you are able to watch it again and again, fantastic value.

After attending or downloading the workshop you will have a realistic understanding of how I work and the non-directional coaching process they apply. You can then call me to discuss further our range of coaching services should you consider it to be a direction you or your organisation would like to go into.



Perhaps some of your employees have personal issues which are effecting their performance? Well coaching can be a great solution to maximise their potential. 

By investing now with coaching sessions for your staff shows your commitment to them a person and the value of their contribution to your workforce. 

A small investment in coaching can reach huge rewards in improved performance and may result in a reduction in staff turnover.  Show you care, invest in your staff, provide coaching and see the amazing results for yourself.


Coaching Courses

Typically the service we provide involves one-to-one coaching courses consisting of 6, 8 or 12 coaching sessions lasting 45 or 60 minutes on a weekly / fortnightly basis.  Coaching packages are bespoke to your individual requirements.  Clients have the option of email support, laser coaching and coaching worksheets to utilise between sessions, subject to the coaching package purchased.